Standard Tiny-Tach
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Diesel Tiny-Tach
Hand-Held Tiny-Tach™
Frequently Asked Questions


Product Overview

  • Wireless tach for high RPM engines.
  • Large display (easy to read).
  • Small size to fit in your pocket.
  • Fast response while reading (good for chainsaws).
  • 20,000 RPM capability.
  • Maximum RPM recall.
  • Programmable for different pulses per revolution.
  • Replaceable battery.
  • Download instructions (pdf format).


Product Overview

  • Wireless service tachometer for all gas engines.
  • Can be used with harness.
  • Max RPM recall.
  • Programmable pulses/rev.
  • Fast update time.
  • 9 volt replacement battery.


Product Overview

  • Compact, Hand-Held Service Tachometer.
  • Works on gas and diesel engines.
  • Fast hook-up and easy to use.
  • Measures engine RPM on trucks, tractors, automobiles, lawn mowers, generators, etc.
  • Works on a variety of gas and diesel engines.
  • Obtain precision RPM measurements without disconnection injection lines or spark plug wires.
  • Never needs calibration, the microprocessor digital circuitry provides high accuracy.
  • For diesels—a clamp-on transducer quickly attaches to any injection line.
  • For gas—an inductive pick-up clamps around a spark plug wire.
  • Easy to read digital display: .5 inches high LCD.
  • Reads engine speeds up to 10,000 RPM with accuracy of +/-1 RPM.
  • Clamp-on transducer supplied for diesels fits 6mm, 1/4 and 7mm, other size options available.
  • Self-powered operation with no battery cables to hook up.
  • Low operating current insures long internal battery life.
  • Automatic shut off.