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Diesel Tiny-Tach™ — New Features

  • Lighted Display
  • Flash Memory
  • RPM runs to 19,999.
  • RPM updates every 1/2 second (original tach updates 2.5 seconds).
  • Maximum RPM recall feature.
  • 4 Timers
    • Total hours on engine-not resettable.
    • Job timer-resettable.
    • Service Time Reminder -set in hours from 5-50 (an icon flashes).
    • Service Time Reminder 2 -set in hours from 10-250 (an icon flashes).
  • Uses a transducer on the fuel line which must be the correct size for the line-6mm, 7mm, 1/4."
  • You can buy extra transducers in different sizes to use with the same basic Diesel Tach unit.
  • Needs outside 12 volt power source which can come from the engine.